The 6 golden rules for creativity-based ABM marketing

What happens when 2 marketers go on a quest to an ABM conference? They return with an enthusiastic new outlook and 6 golden tips, apparently! Discover them here.

B2B Marketing’s Global ABM Conference

For those not yet familiar with ABM: don’t worry, we wrote an article about this very topic not that long ago! 

About a fortnight ago the amazing ‘B2B Marketing’ organisation organised their annual Global ABM Conference. The previous edition of this 2-day conference was, as so many other events, cancelled due to COVID-19. This year, however, BBC was invited to once again participate in this marvelous meeting of like-minded marketing masters. It wasn’t business as usual though, as the whole event was hybrid: all the interviews, talks, workshops, etc. were recorded and broadcasted live so ABM-marketeers at home could join in on the fun.

Thomas and Wout – Project Manager and Digital Marketing Expert – at BBC went on a mission.

This is what we’ve learned:

Status of ABM today

The host of this event, ‘B2B Marketing’, surveyed over 100 client-side B2B marketers, enquiring about their current state of affairs regarding ABM. They were so kind as to share their findings with us: 

  • 82% say they will increase their ABM activities. Especially via digital channels, thanks to COVID-19.
  • 58% of these marketers use ABM to win new accounts, 32% use ABM to grow existing accounts and 6% want to accelerate the sales cycle. Only 4% hope to retain their current accounts with ABM.
  • Most marketers spend between 10% and 30% of their marketing budget on ABM and are planning to increase the strategic (1:1) ABM programs.
  • 16% of the interviewees said they are considering ABM, while 28% are preparing a specific campaign. 30% are already delivering but want to improve their way of working. Only 6% said they have almost perfected their ABM strategies. 

Long story short? There is a lot of room for improvement throughout the entire ABM-industry.

6 Golden Rules of ABM

If there is one thing we’ve learned at the conference, it’s the fact that ABM is a natural approach to B2B marketing & sales. It’s simply the most logical approach to doing business in a B2B context because nothing speaks to your target audience like custom-made and personalised content.

That being said, the following 6 rules are no less important when it comes to developing a successful ABM campaign.

  1. Executive sponsorship is a must
  • If not everyone is on board, the campaign is bound to fail. Get everyone excited for this project. Work your way down: start convincing the top execs to buy in. This makes convincing the rest of the team way easier.
  1. Have the right budget and resources
  • A wise man once said: “No money, no party”. All jokes aside, if you don’t have enough resources to develop an ABM campaign, it might be better to hold off until you do. 
  1. Find the right people with the right ABM skills & experience 
  • Don’t build an ABM team, let your entire team be ABM-ers. Just make sure to assign a few in-house experts that can guide them and show them the best practices.
  1. Creativity, enthusiasm and relevancy are key
  • Do not be afraid to outsource when necessary. There is nothing wrong with using specialists (actors and script writers for example). You can’t be good at everything after all.
  • Everything’s possible! Be creative and think outside the box.
  1. The pilot is the learning phase, you can re-use your content and strategies in a later phase
  • Start small by selecting 5 target accounts in the pilot phase. You can always scale-up after, based on feedback you’ve received previously.
  1. Don’t be afraid to collaborate
  • You have a direct line with the sales team. Talk to them. Use them to gain insights.

Long story short: ABM isn’t exactly the easiest or most accessible form of marketing. But the ROI can be huge, which makes it all worth taking a chance. 

Still in doubt? Drop by one of the BBC offices or send us a COVID-proof email and we’ll gladly help you along with your custom ABM trajectory.

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