OFFF Barcelona 2024 – Creative trends in B2B and beyond

Our colleagues visited OFFF, peeked over creative fences and came back with loads of inspiration, ideas and insights.

24 editions deep, OFFF Barcelona remains the ultimate playground for creative souls. Just like every year, the sunny city of culture drew in a crowd of creatives. What caught our colleagues’ eyes? What inspiration and insights did they come back with?

Let’s hear from our BBC colleagues: Dave, Ward, Joachim, and Christophe.

BBC colleagues at OFFF

Dave Lesy – Creative Lead: the importance of pride

This was my fourth time at OFFF Festival. Once again, artists from all sorts of creative backgrounds were well represented. I was happy to see them putting a spotlight on branding this year, which I find particularly interesting.

The presentation is as important as the work itself

Brilliant artists become even more brilliant with AI

Lastly, it reiterated to me how important it is to collaborate with diverse, unique talents. They can bring immense value and elevate your projects to a higher level.

Ward Germeau – Creative Lead: The basics remain the same

It’s always a good year when I can make my way back to OFFF. And not just because of the impressive work on display. I also find it encouraging to see how colleagues at the top of their game often hit the same wall. 

Creativity is more than just innovating

The level at OFFF is extremely high, which makes sense if you gather the world’s best creatives in one place. But what struck me the most is that many of them are multitalented. They’re not just skilled at their craft, but also excel in other areas like painting or music.

For his presentation, he went looking for a local band in Barcelona. Lost his train of thought? A dull moment? A musical interlude and off he went again. I was smiling throughout the whole thing. And isn’t that what we all want in the end? To do fun things, to create fun things? The same goes for our clients. B2B or not.

Timothy Goodman at OFFF

Technical strength versus narrative strength

They use it to tell a story. You don’t have to be afraid of how quickly everything is evolving or of new techniques. The basics remain the same, we just have more tools to execute our work as excellently as possible.

Joachim Wasteels – Art Director Digital Arts: Just keep creating

Visiting OFFF is always a blast, it’s a real visual treat for creatives. Whether it’s learning about the creative process of long-admired artists or discovering new talents, there’s an undeniable joy in experiencing the artistic journey firsthand.

Don’t just copy, find inspiration

If you follow a lot of artistic profiles on Instagram, it can sometimes leave you feeling insecure. While you come across amazing work, you also become aware of the high standard of content on the platform, which may discourage you from creating, worrying you won’t stand out.

But that’s what’s so great about OFFF – it’s a chance to peek over the fence. Suddenly, you find yourself in uncharted territory that’s both surprising and enlightening. All these different artists giving you that extra nudge to experiment and to grow. And most importantly, it teaches me not to conform to Instagram’s expectations, but to just keep doing my own thing.

The person behind the work

Work by Vincent Schwenk
Copywright Vincent Schwenk

His session at OFFF was a testament to his talent. But what was even nicer was meeting the person behind the talent. Turns out, he’s a down-to-earth, genuinely nice guy.  Which perhaps made me appreciate his work even more.

To me, OFFF is the perfect blend of digital innovation and hands-on craftsmanship. It’s a vibrant atmosphere filled with exciting activities to suit every taste. Definitely worth it!

Christophe Claessens – Digital Artist: break free from what you know

For me, it was my first time visiting OFFF. While I did pay attention to new techniques, my focus was mainly on finding inspiration and generating new ideas. And it definitely paid off.

Experimentation is key

Scrolling through my Behance page, I’m used to seeing the same old artists. But at OFFF, you get to discover all kinds of different talents. Often just stumbling upon them. It invites you to push creative boundaries and step out of your comfort zone.

OFFF Festival

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