B2B PR making it BIG in the attention economy

Have you given up on press releases? Now try this: turn your PR into one BIG story and it will build your brand.

We’ve been running PR campaigns for our B2B customers for years. So we should know a thing or two about press releases, trade media, journalists… right?

Well here’s a confession: for a while, we struggled to get results with PR. Response to our traditional press release declined – just like everyone else’s.

That’s when it hit us, we’re in a different age. So we took the challenge and found out how to make it BIG with B2B PR in the attention economy.

Check out our presentation to find out

  1. How the PR landscape has changed
  2. How you can build stories that capture the attention
  3. …and work that into an overall strategy
  4. With concrete exercises to get started

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