How about we start one of those business podcasts?

A popular topic in B2B and Employer Branding, but how do you get started with podcasting? And should you even bother starting one? Creative copywriter and podcast host Britt shares some tips.

Business podcasts – a booming business. Maybe you too feel the urge to share your insights with your colleagues, or even with the wider world. But – and that brings up the first question – are they even interested?

Well, yes. If you approach it correctly, that is. Just like you and me, podcast listeners are selective. You need to know how to engage, excite, and retain their interest.

Allow me to share some insights I’ve gathered from various workshops, training sessions, and of course, my own hosting experience.

Fill the gap – what is your target audience looking for?

Thinking of launching a B2B podcast? Start by asking yourself: What do I have to offer my audience? According to research by Ipsos (commissioned by TrustMedia), approximately 39% of Belgians listened to podcasts in 2023 – a 10% increase compared to 2022.

Just like the number of listeners, the number of podcasts has also risen. So the content you share on your podcast needs to be distinctive enough to grab and retain attention. It all starts with good storytelling: What’s your story?

Find the gap in the podcast market.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes: What do they need? And how can you meet those needs? A B2B podcast is a tremendous opportunity to delve deeper into specific topics. Topics that specific target audiences are genuinely interested in.

Don’t hesitate to explore what your competitors are doing. What can you do better or differently?

There’s nothing wrong with creative borrowing. With a compelling enough angle, the episodes will unfold naturally.

Now, what could that angle be?

  • The colleagues behind the B2B products/services.
    Perfect for your Employer Branding:
    >> Each episode features a colleague sharing their passion.
    This showcases the expertise, atmosphere, and faces within your organisation.
    Just like our own ‘The Mind Behind’-podcast.
  • Our take on the latest developments/topics in…
    Ideal for Brand Awareness:
    >> Demonstrates your all-round B2B expertise and passion, leaving your mark as a reliable thought leader in B2B who knows what’s going on.

The biggest advantage of a podcast? Authenticity. There’s nothing as personal as being part of a conversation. So, don’t turn it into a sales pitch either. Instead, offer value through unique stories.

A podcast isn’t about conversion, it’s about branding.

Preparation is key

Make no mistake. A podcast isn’t something you can just whip up quickly (we wish). Creating valuable content takes time. Once you know your angle, you can determine the format.

There are plenty of options when it comes to format:

  • A chatcast – where you sit around the table with multiple people.
  • An audio story – where you tell a story from start to finish.
  • A panel discussion – where you sit around the table with multiple people ánd a moderator.
  • An interview – where the host asks one or more people some questions.

Once you’ve made your decision, you can practically get started. And start estimating your time and cost.

Really want to stand out? Adopt a creative approach with a playbook full of assets that captivate your key target audience.

What do you need to consider in terms of time?

  • Whichever format you choose, it’s important to have an outline – preferably before diving into the studio. Creating the outline can be quite time consuming.
  • You’re going with an audio story? Great! Just keep in mind that writing a script can take a loooot of time.
  • Want to involve your colleagues? That too will require some planning.

What do you need to consider in terms of budget?

  • Are you producing your business podcast internally? Then this will require time from your colleagues. Calculate how many man-hours you’ll need for this (script writing, recording time, editing …). But also: a studio space, microphones, a mixing console … If you choose to record the podcast yourself, you’ll need the necessary equipment. You don’t have to buy overly expensive equipment though, a standard package will get you quite far!
  • Are you teaming up with external parties? That’s an investment, for sure, but one that pays off in the long run and saves you a lot of headaches.

A podcast is a fantastic medium, especially in B2B. So, definitely consider making one if you want to position yourself in the market as a thought leader or inspirator. One last tip: be sure to talk to professionals before diving into it head first. They can save you a lot of time (and money in the long run).

Need help creating a podcast? We’d love to hear from you! Give us a shout, and we’ll listen to you – and hopefully to your podcast afterward.

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