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Sonic Branding: The value of intentional audio use in your marketing strategy 
The age of the image is over. The time of audio has come. OK, maybe putting it a little too dramatically, but you get the point. Audio and video marketing has been around for quite some time, but for the past few years, its presence in the marketing landscape has grown (CISCO, 2020), even more so in B2B than in B2C (the Content Marketing Institute, 2020). Music to your ears? Read on!
Are you decoding your data?
Data is crucial. But how do you keep from drowning in a sea of numbers and acronyms? Not to worry, we’ve prepared three practical tips for you
3 min
Digital Marketing in a world without cookies
By removing cookies, a lot of things will change for the B2B Digital Marketer. So what are cookies? Why should we care whether they are gone? And what strategies can we implement as a B2B marketeer moving forward? Let’s take a look.
2 min
Sustainability in B2B communication: 5 strategic tips
Do you also shiver with every new slide showing windmills, forest landscapes and flower petals? Then you’ll surely be interested in lifting your sustainability communication to a higher level.
3 min
Account Based Marketing, love at second sight
ABM or Account Based Marketing, we are all inundated with it on social media or through newsletters. Yet, it is not always clear how to get started with it. No love at first sight perhaps, but it’s definitely worth taking a step further. Here’s how to give your ABM story a ‘They lived happily ever... View Article
4 min
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