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Debunked: the mythical world of the B2B copywriter

“So what do you do exactly? You… write?”. The life of a copywriter seems to be the biggest mystery since Area 51. But today, copywriter Jenta unveils some insight into her mythical life.

Ni hao! Say hello to B2B marketing in China

Want to score in the Far East? We passed by Mike Golden – Global Marketing Director at Brandigo China – to receive some useful tips

Striking B2B tips and tricks from OFFF and AdWorld

Four new insights from OFFF and Adworld that will help your B2B challenges.

When a cognitive scientist starts dishing out writing tips

Brilliant scientist, storytelling champion, and blessed with a great head of hair. We’ll never be exactly like Steven Pinker, but now at least we can write like him.

So, what communication platforms are the place 2B in B2B?

Online communication channels, there are just too many of them! Does that mean every platform has to be a part of your marketing mix? Hell no!
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