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AI unlocked: 5 different perspectives on the new technology

What do you get when you give 5 B2B experts the opportunity to investigate a topic of their own choice?

Get ready for Google Analytics 4 and enjoy an easy-breezy summer

Google stands firm, phasing out Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. As such, the era of GA4 is upon us. Ready?

Two girls on the beach… getting sunny sales advice

Inspiration often strikes at the most surprising places. An experience that creative copywriter Britt shared as well. Or how a week of ‘resort lazing around’ got an extra sales touch.

Becoming virtuoso: unpacking the best keynote in years

At the UBA Trends Day 2023, Felipe Gomez gave what was easily one of the best keynotes in recent years. Let's see what we can learn.

Are robots coming for your job? Let’s talk about AI Generated Images

Spend a few minutes online and you’d think the AI revolution is upon us. With the rise of AI generated images, a lot of designers are getting nervous. Our colleague Joachim explains why they shouldn’t be!
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