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Two nights at The Conference, what an experiment!

Once a year the picturesque island of Texel turns into the woodstock of conversion and performance marketing. BBC was listening from the front row.

Some ideas on ideas

Rejection stings. And not only does it sting, it also robs you of some real gems! Let’s talk about ideas, and more importantly, how we might nurture them.

Why every copywriter needs a set of buckets

Copywriters need to come up with brilliant ideas at lightning speed, all while fighting deadlines and a sh*tload of self-criticism. How to survive this chaos, and turn it into creative confidence? Dan Nelken to the rescue!

Tales from the Dark Side

Imparting the lessons long years on the Dark Side of purchasing have taught me in my second career as a marketeer. I went there so you don’t have to.

Are you lost in your own brand overgrowth?

Most B2B companies have too many brands. Legacy brands from acquisitions and product brand proliferation confuse customers and hinder your growth. Time for a bit of trimming.
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